Red Amulet of Kalamaz Reichon

Imbued with the power of the dragon god and the Azdara's thirst for vengeance.


1/day immunity to scrying
Constant: All scrying upon the wearer requires a Caster Level check of 32.
DR 3 for all elements.

1/day 40-foot cone of fire for Level/2 d6. Targets must make a reflex save or be lit on fire. Targets that are lit on fire must make an additional will save or be afflicted by Burning Hatred, causing them to lash out at the nearest target. These saves are equal to 15 + Azdara’s Int modifier.


One of five amulets created by sacrificing the Scepter of Kalamaz Reichon.

Red Amulet of Kalamaz Reichon

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