The Wagon

Huge, Well Crafted, Wheeled, Cottage


Large wooden wagon made by Azdara. A large two story affair needing four oxen to tow.
Currently towed by Titan.

Crafting Tools:

Tools, Artisan’s, common (Armorsmithing)
Tools, Artisan’s, Weaponsmithing
Masterwork Alchemy Lab
Kit, cooking
Witches Cauldron
Large Pile of Cook Books
Steamy Romance Novel
Dick Toaster Tank (Makes toast, crushes Tiny or smaller animals)
Butcher Set


Shovel x6
Mining pick
Collapsible bathtub
bedroll x3
10ft ladder
55,400 gp in gold plates
35,000 gp in Gems
30,000gp Artwork

Storage Inventory:

Whetstones x10
Winter blankets x4
block and tackle
200ft of hemp rope
grappling hooks x2
Torch x50
water-skins x10
flint & steel
40lbs Magical Non-Detection Lead
2 Silence Jars
Large amount of Herbs
500 Sheets of Blank Paper
+1 Mace x2
+2 large Steel Shield
Wand of Cause Fear
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Bracers of Armor +2
+1 Scimitar


Chocolate 0 lb (FUCKING FROG)
Garlic 1lb
Honey 1/2lb
Chillies 1/2lb
Salt 1lb
Cheese 1lb
Citrus 3 lb
Flour 5 lb
Beans 3 lb
Sugar 5 lb
Salted Yak 2
Salted Ox 2
Basil 1lb
Chilles (Shoran) 1lb
Cumin 1lb
Fennel 1lb
Rosemary 1lb
Vanilla 1lb
Pepper 1lb
Crate of Semi Rare Spices (Spicy, Earthy Flavor)

Food Budget: 68gp

10 Silvered Ballista Bolts
30ft Adamantine Chain Ballista Bolt
Giant Beetle Battle Harness with Ballista


Brass Golem Sword Arm
Brass Golem Head
Grey Troll Greatsword
Mwk Elven Curve Blade (Drow Make)


The Wagon

The Unforgiving Dartz