The Maker, He Above the Gods, Gifter of Life
No Alignment

Creaton is revered as the creator of humanity and their Gods. He is above morality and his followers need not act any certain way. He is unknowable and grants his boons at seemingly random. More extreme followers of Creaton attempt to decipher his boons as a cryptic message or guide to his will. Even humans who do not revere or respect him have been known to be able to channel his power. It is largely accepted that Creaton expects no specific actions from mankind.

He has no true temples but most temples dedicated to other gods often have an altar or statue dedicated to The Maker as tribute to their existence.

Controversy – Due to Creaton’s lofty position and flippant assignment of his blessings, some heretics have theorized that he is a chaotic god or even that he does not exist and his boons are granted by wayward spirits or demons.


The Unforgiving Frieth