Vol is a dark world of survival. The Light of Life and civilization flickers brightly though it is beset on all sides by enemies and predators. The continent has endured through time as various races have come to rule. Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Hobbits, Gnomes, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblins have each created towns, cities and even kingdoms.

The darkness at the heart of the world will not allow any light to grow beyond a certain brightness. Towns and cities that exceed 5000 inhabitants are supposedly cursed to be snuffed out. And so the beliefs of the people of the world are verified by one large town after another falling throughout creation. Be it war, magic, pestilence or the earth itself, one calamity after another has conquered the cities of Vol save a select few.

As it stands now, many of the great civilizations have already fallen. The hobbits are all but gone, ilking out their lives in small communities that never number more than 1000. The gnomes have lost their cities to magma, monsters or other creatures and now their very existence hinges on their alliances with the Dwarves. The Goblins, partially responsible for the plight of the gnomes, have lost their underground empire to war, aberrations and calamity. The Ogres have withdrawn from the known world. Only aberrants and outcasts of their race are ever seen.

And yet not all light is doomed to fail. There are those nations that still exist.

The Seat of power for the conglomeration of Man lies in the ancient City of Thesda. From this primal fortress, Mankind still commands great influence over the eastern portion of Vol.

In Mystic Alarond, the Magiarchy of the Elves advises its people and ensures the survival of the Elven Race.

Mighty Onaheim, Stronghold of the Dwarves houses the might of the stonelords.

The powerful Bloodsong tribe of Orcs keeps a mobile nation roving across the world. Though they have no home, they need none. After conquering the other largest Orc Tribes, they have kept a strong rule over the greenskins.

And yet, before the coming of these peoples, there was always war. War between Elements. War between the ancients of darkness. And after the coming of all of the races into the world, war between them.

War is coming again and ancient powers are awakening. Vol is beset. Survival is threatened. Who will survive the coming times?


The Unforgiving Frieth