The Unforgiving

Thesdan Justice


Unfollowed leads

Methallah – Master of Thanis. Was betrayed by brittny’s master. What is his real deal?

The Hidden Blade Sword – What is it? Why does Thanis need it?

Learning about the ancients
From the Elves of Alarond
From the Dwarves of the Depths
From the Magi of Shoran
From the Magi of Thesda
Can the church of Sharae help them?

Is Creaton an Ancient

Are there Xel’lotath Cults in Thesda?

What do the Ruins of Kaj have to do with Ancients?

Are there other ancients stirring?

Can we find ruins of the dead ancient?

The scroll of Xel’lotath inscribed by Azdara.

XP: 720 Party Max is 5830. Level 4 at 9000.



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