The Unforgiving

Treevol's Cults and Secrets

Hidden in the depths of the Shire, Insanity Stirs


Exploring and Probing the Ruins of Kaj.

Preparing for the journey.

Norwick? Not worth my time.

Crossing paths with Centaur.

Dead unicorns and the gift of the horn.

Witches brew and Red Dragons

Welcome to Treevol. Please don’t climb the wall.

Meeting Grandma Burrows, Mayor Blackfoot, Marlowe the Innkeep.

Strange tales of idiots, cattle and haberdashers

Investigating the Higgins Farm.

Burn the Cows.

Wolfbane and his herding bear. Burn the Cows part 2.

Old man Theo’s farm.

The old man acts strangely.

Herd up the cows for the final burning.

Investigating the house.

The insanity of Theo.

The abomination and captured hobbits.

Pursuit of the monster.

Return to the Red Drake.

The hidden tunnel.

The great portal to Xel’Regal.

The voice of the prophet.

Call the Centaur!

Betrayal by hobbits: The death of Bill Blackfoot and those sealing the tunnel.

Marlowe and the Black Sword of the Priest.

Another summoner emerges as the portal is sundered.

The summoner’s tie to the outer plane.

Battle on three fronts!

The Centaur comes and the battle ends.

Raith seizes the Black Sword.

Gather the town!

Purge the Bonethieves.

Scour each hobbit for the scar of the possessor.

Brand upgrades his gear.

To Thesda!

XP: 2880 Party Max is 5110. Level 4 at 9000.

  • 1200 – Elimination of Bonethief Gestation.
  • 360 – Defeat of 2 Abomination Summoners
  • 700 – Defeat of 12 Bonethieves and hosts
  • 50 – Farmer Theo
  • 30 – Roleplaying Bonus XP: Putting self at potential disadvantage due to Character Roleplay
    • 30 – Brand walking into what he thought was a trap in case someone might die if he did not.
  • 540 – Story Rewards
    • 40 – Learning of the power of the Ruins of Kaj.
    • 320 – Saved the Cult-infested and doomed town of Treevol
    • 100 – The town is completely purged of the Cult of __________.
    • 40 – Learning how to defeat and handles the Bonethief
    • 40 – Destruction of 2 Portals to Xel’Regal



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