Scepter of Kalamaz Reichon

Dragon god's boomstick


Passively gives the effects of Feather Fall, Resistance, grants elemental resistance 3

5/day activate a breath weapon for 1/2 character level in d6s. Causes a debuff (based on color) that requires wielder’s charisma mod +15 to negate. Charges will refresh if the scepter changes color.

Red (Azdara): 40-foot fire cone (level/2 D6), sets targets on fire. DC to put out fire =15+Cha. When on fire targets take 1d6 damage

Sky (Torp): 10 foot by 200 foot lightning bolt (level/2 D6), Fort DC 15+Cha or be stunned for 1 round.

Gold (Brand): 40 foot fire cone (level/2 D6), Will Save to avoid second effect of fatigue (DC 15+Cha)

Shadow (Lyre): Fires a 15ft radius globe of darkness at a point within 50 ft. This globe does level/4 Cold Damage and Persists for 5 rounds. Fort save DC 15+Cha save or take 1d4 con damage.

For Azdara, grants the hex Burning Hatred. Target must make a Will save or lash out against whatever is closest to them (Duration Unknown). Targets that succeed their Will save instead take 2d6 fire damage.

For Torp, allows 2/day Wildshape into a dragon form that is a Large Sky Dragon

For Brand, the scepter summons a large Gold Dragon 1/day that acts as a mount for 10 rounds. This mount will double the range of crusader auras and double their effects.

For Lyre, she may Dimension Door into Shadows 5/day. When she does so, she gains invisibility for level/2 Rounds.


Symbol of the Dragon God’s power and authority. Taken from the Tomb of Kalamaz Reichon by Azdara.

The Scepter was later sacrificed by the party to create five amulets of protection from magical detection. The amulets are currently possessed by Azdara, Brand, Lyre, Telara, and Torp.

Scepter of Kalamaz Reichon

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